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We will build you a building from  shipping containers

Within 2 months and from 880 000 CZK

We build designer family houses, cafes, showrooms, apartments, hostels and many other buildings. We give new life to shipping containers and save the environment.

We build not only family houses, but also recreational, commercial, production and warehouse buildings.
We build turnkey buildings according to your requirements and possibilities.
Thanks to the materials and production technologies used, the lifetime of the buildings is more than 50 years.

How can we help you?

Are you looking for type projects, customized building solutions or are you interested in the shipping container itself? Take a look at our offer.

Looking for a ready-made solution? We have typical building projects for both housing and business. Take a look at the typical projects.

Do you have an idea of how you want your object to look and do you want something original? Choose your own customized solution.

We not only use shipping containers for construction but also offer them for sale. Take a look at our offer where you will find containers of different sizes, types and ages.

We provide you with the financing of your dream

Do you want a mortgage for your house or a loan for a commercial building? In cooperation with our experienced partner Mgr. Aleš Muselík, director of the Consolio business network, we will provide you with the most favorable financing tailored to your needs. We provide you with comparisons from across the market so you can decide on the best option. We will take care of the unpleasant paperwork and associated agenda.

Get to know us

We have been building commercial and residential buildings from shipping containers since 2014. Founder and owner of STAV KONT development s.r.o. Jakub Zaviačič designed and manufactured an intelligent rescue module for homeless people as part of the “People in Safety” study project. After its successful implementation, the bold project grew into a company with a production plant near Brno, several dozen employees and its own production technology. Find out more about us and our story on the “About Us” page.

Honest Czech production from Brno

The entire production process takes place in our production plant near Brno. Thanks to the refined procedures and precise control we are able to ensure the maximum quality of our buildings.

Fairness is our principle

We are fair and we act accordingly. We build a long-term relationship with each client based on our values.

Example of our work

There are no limits to the use of shipping containers – this project is proof...
In the summer of 2021 we realized this pub from two HC40′ shipping containers. The...
In June 2021 we realized this one-storey dormitory for Brno students. The building consists of...
In 2019, we realized this apartment, which takes full advantage of all the benefits of...

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