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PF 2022

The year 2021 will soon be over and we would like to thank our customers for their trust, partners and colleagues for their excellent cooperation. We wish you good luck, good health and much success in the New Year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Winning café from shipping containers in a competition

In 2021 we realized a café made of three shipping containers in the centre of Holešovice, according to the design of MgA. Ondřej Janků from Collarch studio. This realization was very interesting to us from the very beginning and after its completion it was nominated for the Grand prix architects 2021 award. This beautiful work … Read more

Jakub Zaviačič: Current shortage of material

The current shortages, delays in delivery of goods and price increases in the construction industry have also been experienced by Jakub’s industry. How much has this issue affected or not affected shipping containers?

Jakub Zaviačič: Self-sufficiency, sustainability and local materials

Today Jakub is able to build a purely island-like construction out of shipping containers, i.e. independent of networks. What are the possibilities of self-sufficiency and sustainability of such a building and why Jakub chooses only local materials. Do you also see a future in these criteria?

Jakub Zaviačič: Container house and interior design

The style and materials used in the interior of the shipping container house go hand in hand with the character of the building itself. How to choose and combine them correctly so that they are in balance? Listen to the tips and experiences of builder Jakub. What style would you choose for such a building?

Jakub Zaviačič: Modularity and mobility

One container as one single starting unit. For how much money and what are the possibilities of modularity, which opens up endless possibilities of composition. And can the finished house be moved to another location? That’s what Jakub reveals in this episode.

Jakub Zaviačič: It started with homelessness

From school project to finished projects. What were the biggest obstacles at the beginning and how did the community housing project for the homeless start Jakub’s current business? Have you seen this project and would you welcome it in your city?

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