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About us

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STAV KONT development s.r.o. has evolved from a bold study project People in Safety, which was implemented by the company’s founder Jakub Zaviačič during his studies at the University. Subsequently, after perfecting the technology and successfully implementing pilot buildings, he decided to develop the company further.

Currently, the company has a production plant in Lednice near Brno with it’s own welding, painting and assembly centres and has built a team of experienced professionals.

Our team

Bc. Jakub Zaviačič

Founder, company owner and visionary

mämā design

design&architecture studio

Martina Hlavinková

Executive assistant

Jiřina Reichmannová

Project designer and budgeter
+420 777 877 503

Nikola Koudelová

Head of Sales Department
+420 777 873 809

Our story step by step

Implementation of the Intelligent Rescue Module
Our story started with the student project People In Safety, which was implemented by the founder of STAV KONT Development Jakub Zaviačič.
Our prototype of an energy self-sufficient winter hostel for homeless people won the SIA competition.
Victory and Dean's Award ZVOLENI UNIVERSITY
We won 2nd place in the Student Competition, focused on renewable energy and recycling. 60 projects from 8 European countries participated in this competition. In addition, our smart rescue module project won the Dean of the University Award as the best project.
Building the first family house from containers in the Czech Republic
This year we completed a family house in the village of Terezín. The family house is officially the first building made of shipping containers in the Czech Republic.
Construction of the first container pub - PUB Morkůvky
After the realization of the family house, we started to develop commercial and gastronomic buildings from shipping containers. In 2018, we realized the first pub from shipping containers in the village of Morkůvky.
Realization of an apartment in a flood area - Prague, Císařská louka
In 2019 we produced and assembled an apartment with a layout of 2+KK in Prague 5 at Císařské louka, where it is possible to see this object.
Production hall in the village Dambořice
Due to the increase in demand for our container buildings, we have secured a production hall in Dambořice with our own welding, painting and assembly centres.
Unique café - Prague-Holešovice
In 2020 we made and built a beautiful and modern café from three shipping containers in Prague - Holešovice.
Winning the Public Award - Grand Prix of Architects 2021
Our café building in Prague won the public prize in the prestigious Grand Prix Architects competition.

Our values

We have honed our technology to perfection, built a strong and professional team of people we can rely on and won the favour of our customers. All this by following our values.

We are fair and we act accordingly

We are completely transparent and we do not hide anything from you. When we give our word, we always keep it.

Customer = long-term partner

We build long-term relationships with our customers because our buildings accompany them for a large part of their lives.

Honest and quality Czech production

It is only through honest, untainted and quality production that we have been able to gain a long-term foothold in the market.

Innovation and improvement

The market is very dynamic, especially in today's turbulent times. That is why we are constantly innovating and improving our products.

We cooperate

Articles about us


V srdci pražských Holešovic na Ortenově náměstí vyrostla dočasná stavba z recyklovaných lodních kontejnerů …


V pražských Holešovicích na Ortenově náměstí vyrostla Kavárna Kontejner, kterou jako dočasnou stavbu navrhl architektonický ateliér CollArch z recyklovaných lodních kontejnerů …


In the heart of Prague 7 – Holešovice, a temporary building from recycled shipping containers grew on Orten Square …


Studio Collarch, které tvoří absolvent a asistent Ateliéru architektury III Shota Tsikoliya a absolvent Ateliéru architektury II …


„Kontejnerová architektura“ si nachází stále více příznivců. Stává se trendem vdechnout nový život odstavenému lodnímu kontejneru …


Když chtěli být jejich známí vtipní, smáli se jim, že žijí v plechovce nebo v popelnici. Ale jen do chvíle, než se přišli do jejich domu podívat. Nevěřili, že právě …

Example of our work

There are no limits to the use of shipping containers – this project is proof...
In the summer of 2021 we realized this pub from two HC40′ shipping containers. The...
In June 2021 we realized this one-storey dormitory for Brno students. The building consists of...
In 2019, we realized this apartment, which takes full advantage of all the benefits of...

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